Money was found in two secret compartments inside a truck stopped off of I-55 Tuesday.
Money was found in two secret compartments inside a truck stopped off of I-55 Tuesday.
MADISON — Nearly $125,000 was seized Tuesday afternoon following a traffic stop on I-55 north of the city by the Madison County Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff Randy Tucker said one of his interdiction units pulled over a white Ford pickup truck with a Texas license plate for careless driving while heading southbound in I-55.

Tucker said there were two Hispanic males occupying the vehicle.

“They told conflicting stories about where they were coming from and what they had been doing,” Tucker said. “The deputy noticed that the vehicle had been altered and parts had been removed.”

Upon furthering questioning, Tucker said the driver “ultimately confessed” that he had driven from Texas to pick up some money and was on the way back.

“He actually told the deputies where a hidden compartment was on the vehicle,” Tucker said.

Deputies seized the vehicle and took it back to the Sheriff’s Office where they began dismantling the truck.

One compartment was found under the backseat.

“They had cut a plate out and stuffed it full of bags of money,” Tucker said. “After finding that, we got to looking further and in the frame rail found an additional $30,000 to $40,0000. It was tied on a string where you could pull it out.”

In total, $124,605 was seized and the driver was issued a receipt for the money. Tucker did not release the names of the occupants on Wednesday as they continued with the investigation. He did say they were cited for the traffic offense and release on their own recognizance.

Tucker said they plan to present the case to a grand jury in the future for potential money laundering.

If the money is not claimed, the Sheriff’s Office will be able to keep 80 percent of the haul, with the other 20 percent going to the District Attorney’s Office under asset forfeiture laws.