MADISON — A metal ladder in the middle of I-55 caused a multi-vehicle pileup with one man being ejected from his vehicle.

Four people were involved in the wreck Monday after the ladder caused vehicles to swerve across multiple lanes.  

The southbound lanes of I-55 at Mississippi 463 in Madison were closed for over an hour.

The metal ladder was in the center lane of the interstate just past the Mississippi 463 onramp and vehicles collided with one another while trying to avoid it.

"As a result three vehicles and an 18-wheeler truck collided in the area near the ladder,” a release from Madison police said.

"The driver of a pick-up truck involved in the crash was ejected from their vehicle.  An occupant of another vehicle was also injured during the accident.”

Those involved in the accident include Saturano Guadalupe, 35, of Pearl. Guadalupe was driving a black Dodge Nitro.

Barbara Benson, 51, of Grenada was driving a gold Ford Explorer. Robin Hodges, 56, of Madison was driving a white Ford F-150. Douglas Manseil, 46, of Kosciusko was driving the 18-wheeler.

Police do not know who the owner of the metal ladder is.