A Louisiana man traveling with his wife and infant daughter was arrested after a routine traffic stop on I-55 on July 1 yielding 10 pounds of marijuana, 125 units of ecstasy, and over $8,000.

Fred Carvin Jr., 23, of Louisiana, a passenger in the vehicle, was charged with possession of marijuana and ecstasy with intent to distribute. Bail was set at $10,000.

"Upon approaching the vehicle, the officer noticed a strong odor of raw marijuana coming from the vehicle," Sheriff Randy Tucker said at a press conference on Tuesday.

"Suspicious stories along with the presence of the odor of the marijuana led the officer to ask for and receive an actual denial of consent to search the vehicle."

Probable cause allowed the officer in question to search the passenger area where he discovered a small bag containing marijuana. After searching the remainder of the vehicle, the officer discovered drugs and cash stashed in the glove compartment, trunk and back seat.

Though Carvin told police that he was returning home after a trip to Grenada, authorities now have reason to believe that he and his wife had actually traveled to Chicago.

The daughter of the suspect, less than a year old, was released with her mother and allowed to return home to Louisiana.

"There are additional charges pending at this time," the sheriff said, referencing child endangerment violations. "That child is not old enough to make a decision, and they're making a poor decision on her behalf."

He plans to let the District Attorney's office make that determination.

All confiscated cash will go through general court proceedings, but will most likely be returned to the Madison County Sheriff's office to further future drug busts.

According to Tucker, "Marijuana is the most widely used recreational drug that makes it to the streets. This is generally where it starts. If that keeps one kid off of it, then we accomplished our goal."