After receiving approval from the Jackson City Council in October, Gluck-stadt's Lucky Town Brewing Company now awaits closing on the property for their new brewery site on Mill Street.

"We are still a few weeks out on closing on the building," said Brewmaster Lucas Simmons. "We do not have a date set yet, working on firming that up this week with any luck."

The proposed 10,000-square foot facility is located just behind Millsaps College and Baptist Hospital and was originally the Grey Hound Bus Repair Depot. 

The facility will also be home to a 20-barrel brew house and six fermentation tanks among other machinery needed for the brewery. Currently, the company's brewing facility is located in Alabama but the move will enable them to brew in-house. 

Simmons said he expects to pay at least $100,000 in renovations, which he hopes will begin sometime next month.

"If we stay on schedule, we should get into the building mid-December to begin renovations," he said.

Lucky Town Brewing currently offers three flavors - Flare Incident, Ballistic Blonde, and Pub Ale, which they plan to can as a result of brewing in-house.