A mixture of blue ink and red ink on a Madison County polling book makes Ridgeland Mayor Gene McGee's vote irregular and improper, according to the Chris McDaniel campaign, whose own attorney's vote was also cited for irregularity.

Their votes are among hundreds in Madison County mentioned in a 25-page summary of irregular votes submitted on Aug. 6 by McDaniel campaign volunteer Judy Batson.

McDaniel has until today to formally challenge in court the June 24 U.S. Senate GOP primary run-off he lost to incumbent Thad Cochran by more than 7,000 votes.

McGee said when he went to vote on June 4, he accidentally signed up for the Democrat primary but realized the mistake and the "voted" written next to his name was struck through with a red pen.

That was enough to warrant suspicious eyes, though.

"It's crazy," McGee said. "I did not crossover vote. I am willing to go to court if I have to testify to that."

John Taylor, Madison County GOP chair, said his phone was ringing off the hook Wednesday morning after people read that his name was on the list, too.

He laughed at the idea that his vote was irregular or improper.

"I think a lot of this is just made-up hype," he said. "I think [McDaniel] is watching it slip away in front of their eyes and everywhere else. There's no credibility whatsoever."

Taylor said the real people these affidavits are hurting are the poll workers and managers who volunteered across the state.

In Madison County, Taylor estimated that of the known supporters, 60 percent were pro-Cochran and 40 percent pro-McDaniel.

"I had several tea party people not only poll workers, but managers," he said. "That's why I find it an insult to blame poll workers. There were supporters of his who were running the precincts."

He added, "I'm just shaking my head."

Indeed there were a number of McDaniel supporters included on the August affidavit, including election challenge lawyer Mitch Tyner and wife Sloane Tyner. For the couple, the word "voted" was written in the margin on June 24 and that was suspicious.

Bill Billingsley, a McDaniel campaign volunteer who pored through voter records in Hinds County and submitted a similar affidavit, is on the new list.

"Ballot not marked accepted or rejected," was cause for placement on the list.

The 25-page document is chock-full of allegations, from word smears to different color ink, to no reason for voting absentee.