MADISON - Struggling developments along the Ross Barnett Reservoir were topics of conversation during the quarterly meeting of the Madison Organization of Neighborhood Associations on Tuesday.

John Sigman, general manager of the Pearl River Valley Water Supply District, brought up both Lost Rabbit, which could see a resurgence under a new urban renewal district, and Harbor Walk, which has seen no signs of life lately.

Though the developments seem to be stalled, Sigman said that they "pay their rent every month" and that there was really nothing else they could do or say on the subject.

"In a few years, a few months, we'll see a turnaround in Lost Rabbit," Sigman, who now sits on the Lost Rabbit URD board, said. "It's going to work out to be the way it was envisioned."

Sigman said Lost Rabbit fizzled as a result of the 2008 economic downturn.

MONA Chairman Paul Tankersley brought up Found Rabbit, a 161-acre stretch of timberland on the other side of Lost Rabbit. Sigman said a development group from out of state expressed interest but failed to submit a $10,000 deposit.

The proposal, as Sigman recalls, included a gold course, hotel, convention center and marina.

"Because of our procedure, we avoided a lot of heartache," he said.

As for Harbor Walk, there wasn't much to say

Back in 2003, developer John Burwell had plans to build a premiere development which included condos, hotels and commercial space for stores and restaurants. The 100-acres of shoreline remain undeveloped.

"He pays the lease on time and as long as he does that, it's up to him on how it's going to progress," Sigman said. "We want it to develop but we have no teeth on it. It's frustrating for all of us."