MADISON - Plans for the Sam's Club parking lot are currently under review, but an exact date for the construction of the lot and the store have yet to be cemented, said Jesse Green, chief building inspector for the city of Madison.

"I don't know when it's going to kick off exactly," said Green. "We have a set of plans for review. I know they (Madison officials) were talking about starting construction in the latter part of the year, but I don't know whether that's going to materialize or not."

Jerry Cook, director of economic development for Madison, echoed Green's sentiments, adding that although there is no date set yet, Grandview Boulevard will close due to the project.

"The city will give notice and police will alert residents and businesses when that happens," Cook said.

Within a week or two Grandview Boulevard will close for construction as Mississippi Department of Transportation contractors will be building a new road.

Cook did confirm that construction on the Sam's Club project will be completed by the end of 2014.