For the last 61 years, Flora resident William Head has made the hour-and-a-half trek to Neshoba County each July. The owner of Head Auctions & Realty is not one to miss Mississippi's Giant Houseparty, the Neshoba County Fair.

Head, who owns Lindsey's Lemonade and the T-shirt shop between Founder's Square and the Midway, has become a Fair fixture - and so has his family.

"I started coming with my dad in 1953," Head said, leaning on the back of a small freight truck still littered with thousands of T-shirts that he hoped to sell during this year's Fair. "Now, my two sons - William and Zachary - are running the lemonade stand, and I'm just handling the souvenir stand."

While those three work, Head's father (and the lemonade stand's namesake) Lindsey Head is enjoying the Fair from the front porch of the family's cabin on the north side of Founder's Square.

"I remember coming as a kid," William said. "We didn't have air conditioner or running water. We had an indoor toilet that didn't flush. Heck, I remember when we finally got some indoor plumbing for the sink, and we thought we were doing great."

He admits he couldn't do it that way today, but said his dad did, and probably still could.

"I just remember him handling it all like it was nothing," Head said of his father. "Now, the Fair gets better and better each year, and I don't expect to ever miss one."

Head said that sales had been going well, especially the 125-year Fair anniversary shirts, which are just available this year.

Head is one of hundreds of Madison Countians who make their way to the Fairgrounds each year.