Ridgeland Mayor Gene McGee recently signed a proclamation for Constitution Week with Martha F. Denny of the Magnolia State Chapter, NSDAR.
Ridgeland Mayor Gene McGee recently signed a proclamation for Constitution Week with Martha F. Denny of the Magnolia State Chapter, NSDAR.
RIDGELAND — City officials unanimously approved a route for large trucks carrying dirt, equipment and concrete to access the Bridgewater subdivision.

The route travels down North Livingston Road then on to Old Agency Road to Patterson Crossing and going back that way on the return trip. Farrar Construction is building a residential property at 101 Water oak Lane in the Bridgewater subdivision.

“We looked at this for a while and that is really the only feasible route we could come up with,” Mike McCollum, Public Works Director, told aldermen last week.

The permit covers roughly eight trucks carrying an estimated 100 loads of dirt, concrete and equipment.

The permits last a year and started on Oct. 3.

City officials also approved bids for asphalt with several plants around the area on the consent agenda last Tuesday.

These are plants where asphalt materials will be loaded onto city trucks for various road projects.

McCollum recommended the board accept bids from APAC Mississippi Inc., out of Jackson for Cold Mix asphalt, with Dickerson & Bowen Inc., out of Brookhaven established as alternates. Both companies submitted a bid of $125 per unit.

Five other items were bid, including for several varieties of “surface course” and “base course.” One other company submitted bids, Adcamp Inc., of Jackson. Again all submitted bids were the same.

The remaining bids were awarded to Adcamp with alternate bids awarded to APAC and Dickerson & Bowen in various cases.

McCollum said that because the bids were equal, they could tap each company’s services at any given time. 

“This allows us to be flexible and consistent. We can tap whoever we want depending on availability and convenience,” McCollum said.

In other board news, aldermen:

• Declared Ridgeland Police Department forfeited weapons as surplus to be traded for credit. Chief John Neal said that they numbered roughly 25 firearms.

• Approved a special event permit for Fleet Feet Sports’ Turkey Day 8K Race scheduled for Nov. 22, 7 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. at Trace Station on Highway 51. 

They expect a crowd of 1,000 people. This event will not generate overtime for RPD to assist along the route. The item was approved unanimously 6-0 with Alderman Gautier recusing himself.

• Approved a special event permit for Advocates Against Animal Abuse’ Woodstock Dog Festival scheduled for Nov. 3, from 9:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. at Old Trace Park. They expect 200 participants. It will generate no RPD overtime.

• Approved a special event permit for Ridgeland Parks and Recreation Department’s Christmas Parade.

• Approved a special event permit for Christ Covenant School’s Fall Into Fun fundraiser set for Oct. 11, from 5 p.m. until 7:30 p.m. on the Christ Covenant Campus at Pear Orchard Presbyterian Church off Pear Orchard Road. They expect 700 attendees. This will generate no overtime for RPD, though on duty personnel will conduct periodic patrols through the area.

• Approved payment to Energy Mississippi for $132,885.92 for the relocation of certain utilities on Newpointe Drive related to work done on the Lake Harbour Drive Extension Project. Public Works Director Mike McCollum said that this was work done “a while ago.” 

• Approved two Lake Harbour Drive Extension preliminary engineering estimates numbered 58 and 59, in the amount of $8,524.21 and $5,927.46. MDOT will cover 80 percent of these expenses.

• Declared surplus property for the Public works department. McCollum said the list included items that were either lost or earmarked to be sold.

• Received an inventory list for the Fiscal Year ending Sep. 30.

• Renewed the city’s HVAC maintenance service agreement with Terry Services.