County supervisors on Monday denied a request by the Justice Court Clerk to re-hire back her predecessor on a part-time basis.

Justice Court Clerk Cheryl Horn, who was named new clerk in August, asked the board to hire the former clerk, Susan McCarty, on a part-time basis working 10 hours per week for up to six months. The rate of pay would have been $20 per hour and duties included everything from training and yearly reports to accounts receivable.

A motion to approve the hire and make a budget amendment for $6,500 to cover the costs was denied 3-2 with District 1 Supervisor Sheila Jones, District 2 Supervisor Trey Baxter and District 4 Supervisor David Bishop voting against.

District 5 Supervisor Paul Griffin, who initially made the motion to approve the request, said on Tuesday he was glad it didn’t pass.

Griffin said Horn was “being coerced, basically, by some folks” to bring McCarty back, but he didn’t speak about it further.

He said the court system is “running like a 2018 Cadillac down there — just that smooth. They don’t need anything but an up-to-date system.”

District 3 Supervisor Gerald Steen said on Monday they all knew Horn would need some help along the way and voted in favor of the hire.

“She is asking for part-time help,” he said. “I believe we all knew that (McCarty) probably was gonna come back. We all knew ahead of time (Horn) was gonna need some help, that’s the reason I would support it.”

Jones voted against the request because she said the money wasn’t in the clerk’s budget, which was just set last month.

“I don’t want to get in the business of hiring for department heads who have budgets,” she said. “It’s not about hiring, but we just approved the budget not even a month ago. I’m not for a budget amendment at this point.”

Bishop said he wanted to hear from Horn on why she needed to hire McCarty before he would agree to the request.

“She needs to come talk to us,” he said. “Tell us why she needs to amend her budget and how long she’s gonna need a temporary employee. Find out why she needs this.”

In August, the majority of deputy clerks were given pay raises and new titles. At the time, Horn said people were promoted to different positions and given additional duties.