CANTON — There will be a runoff in three weeks in the Canton School District Board Trustee Position 1 race, unofficial results show.

Courtney Rainey led voting Wednesday afternoon, receiving 49.32 percent of the vote with 397 votes out of 810 votes cast in the Position 1 race.

Rainey will face off against Peter Brown, who received 220 votes at 27.35 percent.

The runoff will be three weeks from Tuesday on Nov. 28, the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving.

Hosea Anderson came in last with 188 votes at 23.35 percent.

“We need to get the word out that there will be runoff because some school districts don’t do runoffs and just take whoever got the most votes but Canton does operate on a 50-percent plus one threshold,” Spence Flatgard, attorney for the Madison County Election Commission, said.

The runoff will operate the same way involving all 13 precincts in the added territory to the Canton Public School District.

Johnny Brown handily won the Position 2 seat with 62.52 percent of the votes cast with 472 votes. His opponent, James Sims, garnered 281 votes or 37.22 percent.

These results include affidavit and absentee ballots counted Wednesday.

The Election Commission reports 810 voters out of the 6,359 eligible voted reaching a voter turnout rate of 12.74 percent.

They reported two ballots were cast blank.

There was one Voter I.D. ballot cast in the election, so by state law, the Election Commission will have to wait five days to allow the voter to come and present I.D. before deciding whether to accept or reject that ballot. It will be after that period when the results can be certified.