RIDGELAND — Additions to the zoning ordinance that include definitions of indoor firing ranges will discussed later this month.

The public hearing was on a previous docket but will be reset for Sept. 19. The hearing will concern Amendment Number 5 to the official zoning ordinance of the City of Ridgeland.

The hearing will add language to the zoning ordinance concerning indoor firing ranges and defines carrying weapons on commercial premises and discharging a weapon in public spaces including violations and penalties associated with such actions.

Indoor gun ranges will be zoned for C-3 only. The hearing also concerns amendments deleting section 460.03.D from the Regional Shopping Mall District sections.

For those interested complete copies of the proposed changes to the zoning ordinance can be obtained at city hall from either the City Clerk’s office or the Community Development Department.

In other board action:

• City officials approved a request from Public Works Director Mike McCollum to renew a $45,342 annual contract with US Lawns for the landscaping of County Line Road form Old Canton Road to Ridgewood Road and the islands at Old Canton and County Line Roads.

 • Approved an engagement letter with Haddox Reid Eubank Betts PLLC for an audit of the fiscal year 2017 budget.

• Approved special event permits for Sysco Jackson’s company picnic and the Mayor’s Fun Walk put on by the city.

• Approved a memo from Chris Chance at Park and Recreation declaring Harrell the sole provider of Polyon fertilizer.

• Appointed a selection committee of five personnel with Public Works to make recommendations for debris monitoring and removal. They will receive proposals on Sept. 12 for debris monitoring and on Sept. 13 for debris removal.

• Approved term bids for Oct. 1 to Sept. 30 for the Public Works Department.

• Approved a request to re-advertise for asphalt bids. In a memo McCollum informed the board that they received no bids for several projects and due to a “computer email problem” they only received one bid for a fourth. Project descriptions include multi-use path asphalt overlay, asphalt FOB Ridgeland, asphalt picked up at the plant and asphalt hauling.

• Approved a payment for preliminary engineering estimate number 51 on the Lake Harbour Drive Extension Project in the amount of $10,804.30. MDOT is expected to reimburse 80 percent of the total cost.

• Approved payment of $119,017.41 pending MDOT concurrence on a construction engineering and professional services contract for the East Lake Harbour Drive Rehabilitation project.

• Approved a payment in the amount of $257,724.78 pending MDOT concurrence for construction engineering and inspections revised professional services contract for the Lake Harbour Drive Extension, Phase A. this is related to the box culvert project.

• Received the June and July 2017 privilege license report.

• Voted unanimously to pay the city claims docket, excluding Costco-related charges.

• Voted 4-2 to pay Costco related claims in the amount of $4,650. Ward 1 Alderman Ken Heard and Ward 5 Alderman Bill Lee voted no, Ward 2 Alderman Chuck Gautier was absent.