Madison County supervisors approved two rezoning petitions presented to them on Monday, in addition to approving two site reviews for businesses in the Gluckstadt area.

Supervisors approved rezoning 72 acres of property on Calhoun Station Parkway from A-1 to C-2 Commercial for Martin Meadowlands.

The Panther Creek HOA submitted a letter of support for the rezoning and it was approved by the P&Z Board, too.

The rezoning includes covenants that were already on the land, particularly prohibiting service stations from being developed on the property.

No specific business was identified as going on the new property.

Also approved by supervisors was a petition to rezone 12.4 acres of land on Calhoun Station Parkway from R-1 residential to C-2 commercial for Peters Real Estate LLC.

There is no business identified as going on the new property either.

A site plan for Parkway Truck Center located on Industrial Drive was approved, along with an addition to Madison Oaks Preschool.