RIDGELAND — Developers looking to build two new car dealerships here received only half of the financing support they requested from the county Monday after supervisors approved a tax increment financing plan (TIF).

The Ritchie Group, which is developing the Sunnybrook Automotive Project that includes Audi, Jaguar and Land Rover, was seeking 50 percent of the increase in ad valorem taxes by the county to service a $2.3 million TIF, but only walked away with 25 percent.

The vote passed 4-1, with District 1 Supervisor Sheila Jones voting against.

The Ridgeland Mayor and Board of Aldermen approved a 50-percent TIF plan in a 4-3 vote last week.

Board President David Bishop at first appeared to be against the TIF plan before later voting yes after the percentage was cut in half.

“We want to support our cities, we want to support economic development,” he said. “These TIFs, I take seriously.

“I’m not a real fan of just throwing TIFs out there,” he continued. “At 50 percent, me personally, I can’t vote for that.”

The anticipated ad valorem taxes for the county following the development of the two dealerships is $33,000. The Ritchie Group was seeking approximately $16,500 of the taxes the dealerships will generate per year to service the note.

Bishop questioned if these would create new jobs or if these would just be jobs relocating from the current dealerships in Jackson.

Chris Gouros, who is representing the Ritchie Group, said the current dealerships in Jackson would actually remain there selling used vehicles so there would be new jobs created.

Joe Usry, managing partner of the Ritchie Group, said he anticipates creating between 40-45 new jobs in Ridgeland.

Joey Deason, executive director of the Madison County Economic Development Authority, spoke out in favor of the project and the TIF.

“You guys hired me through MCEDA to come here and bring jobs and investment,” he said. “Forty new jobs is very, very positive. I support the project, I think you should support the project.”

The Ritchie Group says they will be investing $20 million into the new dealerships and hope to have them open within 12-16 months.