We all want and need something to cheer about these days, so word that the road to historic Greater Livingston M.B. Church has been paved is good news!

But how good were the intensions of the developers who closed the public road in the first place?

Members of the tiny 160-year-old church were finally able to get to worship on a new road completed two weeks ago after developers had shut them out this summer by tearing up the public road.

Developers earlier this year closed Livingston Church Road without authorization, ultimately forcing the Board of Supervisors to intervene.

After months of delays due to rain, they claimed, the road was finished after a lot more urging.

And the members? They have handled a terrible situation as graciously as Jesus and with the patience of Job.

We know plenty of big, rich churches that would have thrown stomping fits.

“We are very excited and we appreciate it,” said Renee Chapman, a member of Greater Livingston M.B. Church. “One thing we said was we appreciate them working with us and we, in turn, tried to work with them.”

While he was president of the Board of Supervisors, District 2 Supervisor Trey Baxter led the charge and continued to bring up the situation at each meeting this summer.

He was happy to see the road complete at no cost to the county.

“Overall, I think the Board of Supervisors stood up for the citizens of Madison County in what was deemed an illegal issue,” he said. “That’s a far better road than what we had and the developer made it right.”

He added, “I’m happy it’s complete and the church has been vindicated.”

There are a couple of smaller issues.

The church sign got removed in the process and people going to the nearby Livingston development are parking on the road.

“If we can get the people to stop parking on Livingston Church Road we’re going to be completely satisfied,” Chapman said. “Now, we are appreciative, but we have a couple more issues to handle.”

She said she wasn’t sure if the people parking were patrons of businesses at Livingston or if they were members of the other church at the site.

“I think it’s going to be good once everything comes into play,” she said.

Perhaps it is good we can just move on as if nothing really serious happened.

Andy Clark, an attorney for the developers, said it was a cooperative effort to get the road finished.

OK. But the county of Madison had to intervene and keep pushing the issue.

“Livingston was the original county seat of Madison County, and a lot of careful planning and historic preservation has gone into re-creating the Town of Livingston,” Clark said. “The Town is extremely fortunate to have such an historic church as Greater Livingston M.B. Church to be its neighbor.”

Sounds like really good PR.

He added, “Livingston Church Road has played a vital role in the history of this community, and my clients are extremely pleased with the cooperative efforts of our contractor, Birdsong Construction Inc., the Board of Supervisors through the County Engineer and County Attorney, and the congregation at Greater Livingston M.B. Church to bring the road improvements to completion.”

The Lord knows the intensions of these people who tore up the road, so we’ll stop short of judgment, but to see His people run over by rich developers riles things up in most decent people.

But at least we can cheer the fact church members can finally get to worship again.