RIDGELAND — Crews are finishing up an extensive gas line relocation project here as part of the ongoing Lake Harbour extension project.

Public Works Director Mike McCollum warns that motorists on U.S. 51 near Lake Harbour may be subject to a loud, “hissing” sound today (Thursday) as they “bleed the pipes.”

“One thing that’s going to happen is they have to bleed the pipe. Basically they have to let any air out before they can put them into service," McCollum said. "They said it would be extremely loud.”

Gulf South has spent the last few weeks relocating the gas line westward out of the way of the future roadway.

McCollum said that the next step for the city will likely get rolling with bidding in March or April on construction of the road.

“It is coming up soon,” McCollum said.

The extension project began in April and has been officially estimated to take between 18 and 24 months. The upcoming portion for the city includes the construction and replacement of a box culvert underneath the Canadian National Railway and roadway extensions.

The entire project also involves construction of a bridge over Interstate 55 and construction of a multi-use trail alongside.

The project is being funded in part with two federal grants totaling $11 million, $3.3 million in Federal Surface Transportation Program funds (administered by MDOT), $1.5 million from a state bond bill last year, and $1 million from the Madison County Board of Supervisors.