LIVINGSTON — The owner of County Seat Restaurant is asking the Madison County Board of Supervisors to consider establishing a “go cup” zone at the Town of Livingston to allow patrons to walk around with alcoholic beverages.

The state passed a bill in 2016 that allows people to carry open containers of alcohol in entertainment districts. The county, in this case, would have to sign off on the designation.

Jeremy Enfinger addressed supervisors on Monday, saying he was in favor of creating a recreation district at Livingston. He said it would bring in county revenue by bringing in more events to Livingston.

Enfinger proposed only vendors with permanent liquor licenses be allowed to serve alcohol because they have better controls in place and are equipped to handle everything from minors to inebriated guests.

“This creates a very unique dynamic in the Town of Livingston,” he said. “Allowing us to do different things that pushes that envelope of our growth and ‘fun factor,’ if you want to call it that.”

Sheriff Randy Tucker was asked for his opinion on whether or not this is something the board should consider.

“I know the legislation was passed and it was put back on the county level,” Tucker said. “I haven’t seen any plan or know what systems are in place to be able to agree or disagree what’s being proposed.”

District 1 Supervisor Sheila Jones said she would like to see a plan before voting on the matter, saying she was particularly interested in the enforcement side of the designation.

Supervisors agreed to table the matter and have Enfinger speak with county officials to put together a specific plan.