Madison County supervisors made sweeping changes to road projects Monday night with a new 3-2 voting alignment that includes funding for Gluckstadt Road, Weisenberger Road and Sulphur Springs Park.

District 5 Supervisor Paul Griffin in the past has sided with District 3 Supervisor Gerald Steen and District 4 Supervisor David Bishop on most votes over the last two years, with District 1 Supervisor Sheila Jones and District 2 Supervisor Trey Baxter on the losing side.

However, Griffin sided with Baxter and Jones Monday to reverse course on several projects.

Griffin said he decided to join forces with Jones and Baxter because they decided to support Sulphur Springs Park.

“It pays to work together,” he said Tuesday. “When you don’t want to work together, your constituents suffer.”

Griffin said Bishop wouldn’t work with him at all regarding the park after two years so he decided to seek other avenues.

“Sheila and Trey finally came around and saw the need and saw the project was a good project,” he said. “When this board first came together, I told them that I’m willing to work with anybody that will work with me. What my constituents and district need is going to be totally different most of the time than from what their districts need.”

Baxter said on Tuesday that the money will now be spent on “more important” projects in the county.

“I personally believe that money was taken off less important roads and moved to roads that need more attention because they have more traffic volume,” he said. “We’re trying to use limited funds available to affect the most people possible.”

He added, “I think Madison is getting much-deserved road paving done. I’m excited about that.”

Bishop on Tuesday expressed his disappointment with the board and said “Madison County politics haven’t changed.”

“Honestly, I didn’t see that coming,” he said. “I think it was the wrong thing to do — taking these roads that were approved previously. Some had contracts on them.

“Again, I’ve got to sit back and look at this,” he continued. “The county only has so much money. We just have to keep looking and find more ways to finance the roads we already had approved. I understand people want things done in Madison, but people in the county need help.”

In addition to changing roads, the new 3-2 bloc voted to fire Jim Hust as the county State Aid engineer and replace him with John McKee with Stantec (See story A2).

Baxter, Jones and Griffin approved moving forward with a $3.3 million short-term bond to finance a Gluckstadt Road improvement project and to finish out Sulphur Springs Park (See story A3).

They also approved pulling Greens Crossing ($350,000), Stout Road ($414,000), Catlett Road ($183,000), Virlilia Road West ($2 million), and Countryside Place ($125,000) off the funded road plan.

Added to the funded road plan were approximately $532,000 worth of paving projects in the city of Madison as a 50/50 match.

These Madison projects include Northridge subdivision, Hazelton Drive, Madison Avenue and the entrance to Cross Creek, just to name a few.

Money was taken off Virlilia West and moved to pay for Cherry Hill ($350,000), Park Place Boulevard ($250,000) and for the $1.4 million Weisenberger Road flood repairs.

Steen questioned whether or not taking money off Virlilia would adversely affect the county with the Office of State Aid.

Hust told Steen that State Aid asked that the entire road be improved. One-half of the road is under reconstruction now using State Aid funds. He said he was unsure what would happen if the county didn’t repair the other section.

“In 2015, 2014, we got in trouble with State Aid by not taking care of our State Aid roads,” Steen said.