Ridgeland will continue to offer recycling at Pear Orchard Apartments following a mixup where a dropoff was mistakenly removed by Waste Management.

Public Works Director Mike McCollum said a recycling drop off at Pear Orchard Apartments provided by the city through a grant from the Department of Environmental Quality had been removed by Waste Management. 

McCollum noted the error had been brought to the attention of Waste Management and they are looking to return the  bin to the apartment complex.

The city has provided recycling at the complex since they received the grant in 2011, McCollum said.

The drop-off costs the city $360 a trip. McCollum said it was previously serviced once a month. He added that another public drop off at the Fire station is picked up as often as two times a week.

McCollum said that they are no longer under obligation to maintain the drop off site per their agreement with MDEQ following the grant.

If the city decided to discontinue offering the drop off they would be required to remove the foundation and enclosure the bin sits on.

“We would have to return the area to the way it was,” Mayor Gene McGee said.

One Alderman recommended that signage be erected at the drop off noting that it is for residents of the city only. 

McCollum said he would look into that after the container was returned.