RIDGELAND — Moments after city officials approved an amendment to the zoning ordinance that would allow for indoor firing ranges in the city limits Tuesday night, a developer said he looked to close on an eligible property as soon as possible.

City officials voted unanimously, 7-0, to approve a series of changes to the 2014 zoning ordinance that will open opportunities for developers to build indoor firing ranges in the city limits.

Community Development Director Alan Hart presented the changes to the board. He said they include “very specific conditions” to ensure that a variety of concerns are addressed including safety, noise and land use, among other concerns.

“We want to set stringent standards,” Hart said.

All owners, operators, management, trainers, employees and any other paid or volunteer staff members will be required to pass background checks with the city police department.

Police Chief John Neal said that background checks take his department minutes and work on “yay or nay” system where they report on whether or not a subject meets a certain criteria. No personal information would be released. He said that this particular relationship would need to be defined in the future and his department could charge for the service if it proved to be a burden.

Businesses will also be required to file a safety and management plan with the community development and police departments that meets a minimum of 11 key criteria that include:

 •    safety of the indoor range and all parts of the building.

• prevention of theft of firearms and ammunition.

•  safe storage of ammunition.

•  staffing levels for range safety officers.

•    access controls for indoor range.

•   spent lead bullet recycling and dust control.

•   evacuation plan.

•  minimum age on range supervised or unsupervised.

•  parent, guardian, trainer supervision of minors.

•  range dress code.

According to the changes, indoor firing ranges are required to be new developments in areas zoned C-3 only and are prohibited within 2,000 feet of churches, schools, other firing ranges and must be on a site larger than two acres.

The city also modified language that prohibited the firing of a gun in the city limits and made sure new and existing language conformed with state laws concerning firearms and specifically the carrying of fire arms into a business. These proposed changes are available to the public from the city and will go into effect 30 days from Tuesday.

Hart said there are four or five locations in town that currently meet these criteria.

After the meeting, a representative from Two Gun Tactical said that his company intends to acquire one of the eligible properties and hoped to get the approval process rolling soon after the changes went into effect.

Two Gun Tactical is currently behind a similar project in Flowood that is not yet open.