Madison County supervisors approved a nearly $7 million road plan for the year that includes addressing flooding problems on Weisenberger Road, adding a traffic signal on Green Oak Lane at U.S. 51, and paving county and city streets.

Not included in that list, however, were over $300,000 worth of paving projects in the city of Madison that District 2 Supervisor Trey Baxter tried to get added into the program of work.

Baxter said the roads would be a 50-50 match with the city. His attempt to add the roads failed 3-2, with he and District 1 Supervisor Sheila Jones voting in favor.

“I’m going to keep fighting hard for the hardworking people of Madison, not only to bring transparency and fiscal responsibility, but I’ll continue to fight to get their roads fixed,” Baxter said after the meeting.

The list initially included nearly $5.2 million in projects but Jones asked that Weisenberger be added to the list, at a time when there was no cost estimate. Later in the meeting, supervisors were given a soft estimate of $1.7 million to address the flooding issues.

District 3 Supervisor Gerald Steen attempted to halt the addition of Weisenberger, saying they did not have a cost estimate and the top priority of the board now is Reunion Interchange.

“If this road here costs $2 million, $3 million, $4 million then we have to make a decision as a board,” he said.

Jones rebutted, “We have school buses that travel that road. It floods. Reunion 2 is not going to be ready to go in the next two years we sit on this board. Weisenberger floods every year. It’s a priority.”

“It’s gonna be more than people realize,” Steen said. “We know we have money for this road plan. When you add one to it, no idea where you’re gonna get the money from.”

Projects included in the plan are:

• Green Oak traffic signal ($450,000)

• Hillchase, Long Cove, Long Cove Court, St. Charles, Bayview, Baytowne Row, Baytowne Square, Derby Drive, Woodgate, Greensview, Hampton Way, North Old Canton Road, Chinquapin Cove, Clear Water Cove, Edgewater Cove, Gateway, Lakeshore Drive, River Gate Cove, Aspen Cove, Vail Cove ($450,000)

• Cherry Hill Drive ($350,000)

• Stout Road/Catlett Road ($675,000)

• Sandalwood ($350,000)

• Cotton Hill Road ($75,000)

• County Side Place ($125,000)

• Treasure Cove ($50,000)

• Rice Road ($100,000)

• Greens Crossing ($350,000)

• Grown Williams Road ($48,360)

• Ben Luckett Road ($48,048)

• Goodloe Road ($181,209)

• Banks Road ($33,811)

• Green Acres Drive ($41,600)

• Quail Road ($85,418)

• Monroe Street ($4,604)

• Beamon Road ($60,000)

• Branson Lane ($9,609)

• Bilbrew Road ($30,000)

• McNamara Road ($36,400)

• Moss Road ($124,800)