County supervisors plan to fight an attempt by the United States Postal Service to force implementation of centralized delivery at new developments after receiving another letter last month from a district manager regarding changes to delivery methods.

“Centralized delivery, through the use of Cluster Box Units (CBUs), is our preferred delivery method and box type,” Dana Amos, MS district manager of operations for the USPS, wrote. “These CBU boxes have the advantage of being ‘package friendly,’ in that they are designed to accommodate the majority of packages delivered through the U.S. mail.”

A similar letter was sent to supervisors, as well as builders and developers in 2014, but have not been implemented in any new developments since.

District 3 Supervisor Gerald Steen said he knew some developers “upset or bent out of shape with this.”

Steen said it wasn’t a county issue, but centralized delivery was something he was against.

“I’m not in favor of what they’re doing,” he said.

P&Z Director Carl Allen said if implemented, common areas would have to be set aside to include parking and other requirements.

“I can understand the developers being unhappy about it,” Allen said. “I can’t do anything. I met with the Postmaster, for nothing more than to bring me up to speed. That’s where it is at this point.”

Allen said the issue would “be problematic in the long run with the county.”

Fire Coordinator Tom Laraviere said this would impact emergency services, too, with first responders unable to find houses by mailboxes.

“I would ask that the (county) administrator would work up a letter to send back to the postal service reasons why this is not a good idea,” Steen said. “It may cause more damage than good.”

Enola Rice, spokesperson for the USPS, said the policy towards new developments has not changed and central delivery is being implemented nationwide.

“Our carries help inform us of new deliveries and postal officials work with local municipalities’ planning offices, developers and builders to ensure the installation of central delivery,” Rice said. “Postmasters also provide centralized delivery requirements to their local developers, builders, planning offices, and officials to increase awareness and compliance with the agency’s policy.”

She added, “The Postal Service continues to work with the developers and builders to ensure compliance with implementation of central delivery as the approved mode of delivery.”