RIDGELAND — County supervisors approved spending over $840,000 to increase the asphalt thickness on one lane of Highland Colony Parkway to accommodate future development, including Costco.

Supervisors voted 3-2 to spend $786,814.50 for an extra four inches of asphalt on the east side of the northbound lane of Highland Colony Parkway and $54,695.41 to Waggoner Engineering Inc. for additional work on the site.

The money will come from a $6 million settlement fund with the Mississippi Department of Transportation that could only be spent on Highland Colony Parkway, Yandell Road or Reunion Parkway.

David Williams with Waggoner Engineering said they look to increase the asphalt thickness from 6-7 inches to 10.5 inches.

“The additional asphalt on this lane would be for future truck traffic,” he said, noting it would be better able to handle construction and delivery traffic.

District 2 Supervisor Trey Baxter asked if heavy truck haulers have to put up a road bond why don’t developers, specifically of Costco, have to put up a bond.

“It never falls on the contractors to help fix this stuff,” he asked.

District 1 Supervisor Sheila Jones echoed Baxter’s sentiments.

Williams said this wasn’t being done specifically for Costco, but for future growth as well.

“I don’t understand why this is special,” Jones said.

District 5 Supervisor Paul Griffin said this helps roads last longer and if they don’t do it they can come back and repair the road in a couple years.

District 3 Supervisor Gerald Steen said Highland Colony Parkway is commercial and will continue to grow commercially. He said back in 2014-2015 they spent extra money from a portion of the road to Highway 463 to accommodate traffic.

Steen said it would cost $12 million to do what they did on the northern end of the Parkway on the southern end and this is a more economical solution.

The lane would extend from County Line Road to the roundabout leading to I-55. Trucks would enter from County Line Road and travel in the one northbound lane before heading toward the interstate without touching the roundabout.

Baxter and Jones voted against the extra asphalt.