Madison County supervisors voted 3-2 Monday night to fire their State Aid engineer after one supervisor charged that the engineer wasn’t working for the county as a whole.

Jim Hust was terminated from the position after serving for over two years. He was replaced with John McKee of the firm Stantec.

District 1 Supervisor Sheila Jones led the charge to terminate Hust, saying it stemmed from talks last year on the Reunion Interchange.

“I support the Reunion 2 bridge,” she said. “There was a problem with the way I think it was handled. I was operating without a plan and with an engineer that’s supposed to represent all five of us.”

Jones said at the time there was a preliminary drawing that was being shown to members of the Madison County Economic Development Authority, Madison County Business League & Foundation, and others. She said Hust told her he couldn’t share the plan with her.

District 3 Supervisor Gerald Steen said the drawing in question was one that he asked Hust to produce and it wasn’t meant for dissemination. He said he didn’t want it leaked because it wasn’t built to scale and he didn’t want people to pick it apart.

“I had the only copy,” Steen said, saying he would pick up the copies after showing them to legislators and business leaders. “I did not want them out. It was just showing what it will do. It will move traffic and help with economic development.”

Jones said there were several copies floating around and she didn’t ever see it until many others had seen it.

“I never saw a freaking copy,” she charged.

Steen said that’s because there was no copy out there.

Board President David Bishop said that he and Steen were selected by the board to act as liaisons for the Reunion project and they were doing just that.

“There are no plans,” Bishop said. “That being said, they’ll be shown public when it comes out. I think patience is a virtue here.”

Supervisors asked whether or not firing Hust would stall ongoing State Aid projects.

County Road Manager/Engineer Dan Gaillet said there would be a transition period involved and it would revolve around the Office of State Aid.

“Hopefully it’s just a matter of transition, it happens all the time with boards,” he said.

Gaillet said State Aid could require Hust to finish certain stages of projects before handing them off to McKee.

“Personally, we’ll have to have those conversations with them,” he said. “We’ll have to find those breakpoints.”