County supervisors increased their budget by over $500,000 on the first day of the new fiscal year to, among other things, give raises and pay for building projects.

Last Monday, supervisors voted 3-2 to increase the county’s $97 million budget for the new fiscal year by $552,637.22, with District 3 Supervisor Gerald Steen and District 4 Supervisor David Bishop voting against. 

District 5 Supervisor Paul Griffin made the motion at the end of last week’s meeting under “Old Business.” 

Griffin said some of the raises were what department heads had asked to receive. 

After District 2 Supervisor Trey Baxter seconded the motion, Bishop immediately questioned the actions. 

“I just got this,” he said. “I really haven’t had time to really take a look at it.” 

Bishop made a substitute motion to table the action so he could review the request but his motion failed 3-2. 

Steen asked if these were the same raises supervisors denied back in September when they adopted the upcoming budget. 

“They look like the same that was in our budget,” he said. “We did not choose that budget.”

Steen said he thought the board did a good job doing line-item cuts and tightening the budget for the new year. 

In September, supervisors discussed five different budget options ranging from $94.9 million to $97.9 million before ultimately approving a $97 million budget that did not include select raises in some departments. 

Steen, Baxter and Bishop voted to approve the adopted budget, with Jones and Griffin voting against. Jones and Griffin initially voted to adopt a less-expensive budget that also did not include raises. 

The line item budget increases passed last week include:

• Board of Supervisors — $7,178.38 for raises

• Tax Assessor’s Office — $2,499 for raises

• Tax Collector’s Office — $2,752.46 for raises

• County Administrator — $2,025.18 for raises

• County Comptroller — $3,426.95 for raises

• Human Resources — $4,677.79 for raises

• Buildings & Grounds — $13,082.13 for raises and $290,000 for unspecified building projects

• Information Technology — $6,702.97 for raises

• Veterans Services — $1,661.52 for raises

• County Court — $3,297.94 for raises

• Youth Services — $5,372.74 for raises

• Justice Court — $20,752.67 for raises

• Coroner — $3,336.24 for raises

• Emergency Management — $15,095.10 for raises/training, $9,000 for tires, and $5,000 for equipment

• Citizens Services Agency — $100,000

• Planning & Zoning — $9,379.64 for raises

• Fire Services — $2,722.55 for raises

• Road Department — $40,097.54 for raises

• Juvenile Drug Court — $4,277.68 for raises

• Adult Drug Court — $298.74 for raises