Madison County supervisors on Monday approved borrowing $5.7 million in short-term financing to fund road repairs in three supervisor districts, drawing the ire of the two supervisors left out of the road plan. 

Board President Sheila Jones, District 2 Supervisor Trey Baxter and District 5 Supervisor Paul Griffin voted to spend the money in their respective districts. 

Supervisors initially approved the short-term bond and chose Community Bank as the financier with the lowest submitted interest rate of 2.38 percent. Bancorp South submitted an interest rate bid of 2.61 percent, Regions submitted an interest rate bid of 2.89 percent, and BankPlus submitted an interest rate bid of 2.99 percent. 

The short-term borrowing is for two years.

Jones then motioned to add a number of roads from Districts 1, 2, and 5 to the road plan. 

District 3 Supervisor Gerald Steen made a substitute motion to include a list of all roads from all five districts to the road plan. 

“All this is just putting it on the road plan,” Steen said. “It doesn’t mean all are funded.” 

Steen’s motion was seconded by District 4 Supervisor David Bishop, but failed in a 3-2 vote against. 

“This does not include all five districts,” Bishop then said. “I don’t understand.”

Jones responded, “I’m not leaving out districts.”

“Thirteen roads — that’s all the roads in District 4, for some reason you just left those off,” Bishop said. 

“No, they’re not in the motion,” Jones hit back. 

“Why not,” Bishop asked. 

“Because I didn’t put them in a motion,” Jones responded, before calling for a vote. 

After the vote passed to add the roads from Districts 1, 2 and 5 to the road plan passed, Griffin made a motion to fund those roads with the $5.7 million bond. It passed 3-2 along the same voting lines. 

Jones then made a motion to abolish the county’s municipal paving policy that required cities to match 50 percent of funds for roadwork within municipalities. 

“When I pulled the documents that support how the paving money is distributed, I learned the bigger cities don’t benefit from that policy,” she said. “Their taxpayers pay the same amount of ad valorem taxes and only Ridgeland and Madison are held to that standard.”

The following roads are included in the borrowing:

District 1

• Oak Ridge Circle ($198,000)

Beavoir in Northbay ($24,528)

• Hampton Court in Northbay ($14,616)

• Bellchase Place in Northbay ($44,636)

• Farrington Place in Northbay ($38,728)

• Lake Pointe Lane in Northbay ($84,774)

• Country Club Drive in Northbay ($186,884)

• Country Club Cove in Northbay ($12,086)

• Country Club Court in Northbay ($14,921)

• Country Club Place in Northbay ($13,503)

• Bainbridge Lane in Northbay ($35,751)

• Barkley Place in Northbay ($14,718)

• Northbay Place in Northbay ($96,603)

• Foxchase Drive in Northbay ($5,736)

• Pinetrail Place in Northbay ($9,419)

• Arapaho Lane in Natchez Trace Village ($100,772)

• Cheyenne Lane in Natchez Trace Village ($88,900)

• Kiowa Drive in Natchez Trace Village ($115,164)

• Mescalero Way in Natchez Trace Village ($17,640)

• Onondago Trail in Natchez Trace Village ($13,440)

• Pawnee Way in Natchez Trace Village ($52,920)

• Village Drive in Natchez Trace Village ($65,660)

• Pearl River Church Road (Amount TBD)

• St. Augustine Drive from Highway 51 to Old Canton Road ($126,000)

District 2

• Annandale Club Parkway ($317,000)

• Stribling Road Extension ($235,000)

• St. Ives Drive in St. Ives ($394,806)

• Clermont Drive in St. Ives ($21,000)

• Arlington Court in St. Ives ($20,966)

• Autumn Brook Court in St. Ives ($24,721)

• Dunleigh Court in St. Ives ($12,522)

• Audubon Court in St. Ives ($11,809)

• Ashbury Court in St. Ives ($18,883)

• Germantown Drive ($178,000)

• Munich Road ($143,000)

• Munich Cove ($35,000)

• Cedar Hill Road ($120,000)

• Lake Trail ($102,000)

• Trails End ($55,000)

• Peppermill Drive ($54,000)

• Wellington Way ($193,000)

• Woodsong Way ($175,000)

• Belle Terre Drive ($135,000)

• Chartres Drive ($50,000)

• Whisper Lake Boulevard ($110,000)

• Chapel Hill Road (Amount TBD)

• Old Mannsdale Road ($120,000)

District 5

• West Semmes Street ($5,356)

• South Monroe Street ($10,712)

• Madison Street ($10,712)

• Saab Park ($200,000)

• Parker Road ($13,520)

• Brown Road East ($35,000)

• Oil Mill Quarters ($8,840)

• Oil Mill Quarters west ($3,120)

• Pine Grove Road ($93,964)

• Old Natchez Trace ($78,046)

• Hudson Road ($8,320)

• Nells Turning Pt Road ($3,889)

• Way Road/West Gray Center ($94,634)

• Permenter Road ($71,207)

• Virgin Mary Road south ($49,128)

• Virgin Mary Road ($174,200)

• Renfroe Road ($147,499)

• Fannie Mae Road ($16,485)

• Twelve Oaks Trace (Amount TBD)

• Gober Road (Amount TBD)

• O’Leary Road (Amount TBD)

• Miller Street ($32,240)

• Mell Drive ($32,240)

Roads in District 3 not included in the plan include: Lake Castle Road ($300,000), Ridgeland Avenue ($400,000), St. Augustine Drive ($174,000), Dinsmor subdivision ($200,000), Old Agency Parkway ($300,000). 

The roads in District 4 not included are: Greens Crossing Road, Virlilia Road, Canecreek Road, Livingston Drive, McCullough Lane, Mt. Leopard Road, Stout Road Extension, Society Ridge Road, Brown Place, Windmere Boulevard, Windy Hill Drive, Caroline Boulevard, Harris Road, Stokes Road and Gus Green Road. 

The total amount of all roads was $6.255 million, not counting the roads with amounts unknown.