MADISON — The Wendy's on Colony Crossing here is set to reopen soon after a piece of kitchen equipment caught fire last Thursday.

An employee said Wednesday morning that they would be open today, Oct. 10. A sign on the door read "closed temporarily."

Deputy Fire Chief Steve Thomas said that the Madison Fire Department responded to a reported kitchen fire at the restaurant early last Thursday morning around 7:30 a.m.

"Nobody was hurt," Thomas said. "It was a fire in the kitchen before they even opened. We sent a crew in and they extinguished the fire."

He said the source of the incident was an electric motor on a piece of kitchen equipment. Thomas said that damage was limited to the equipment.

The restaurant was closed Wednesday morning, though as many as three employees appeared to be inside. A truck with a trailer and tool box was parked out back in the drive through.

A burned out piece of commercial kitchen equipment was spotted outside near the dumpster. The item appeared to be a damaged fryer.