Thousands of lights and hundreds of inflatables already adorn the Richardson’s lawn on Sundial Road.
Thousands of lights and hundreds of inflatables already adorn the Richardson’s lawn on Sundial Road.
MADISON — Neighbors of the popular Richardson Light Show on Sundial Road here have filed a complaint in Madison County Chancery Court for an injunction to stop the event by declaring it a nuisance.

A.M. (Eddy) Edwards III and his wife Cecile C. Edwards filed the complaint on Nov. 7 after unsuccessfully petitioning the Madison Mayor and Board of Aldermen to declare the light show a nuisance back in October.

The board voted to approve the show in a 4-0 vote on Oct. 17, with two abstentions and one alderman absent. Aldermen Ken Jacobs and Mike Hudgins abstained and Alderman Guy Bowering was absent.

The Edwards’ complaint asks for a temporary and permanent injunction to “abate a nuisance.”

The complaint was filed against the Richardson family, the producers and distributor of the “Great Christmas Light Fight” reality television show, and 1-5 John Does affiliated with film and/or production companies.

The Edwards complain of traffic and safety concerns on Sundial Road for 38-40 days out of the year when thousands of visitors drive by to see the light display.

“As a result of the production and display of the Light Show, the Richardsons intentionally have created a nuisance in the Sundial neighborhood and intentionally have created a health hazard to the Sundial neighborhood and surrounding areas,” the complaint reads.

The Edwards argue that the event is no longer a family light display because they advertise it as a commercial venture, entering it into competitions with prizes, etc. They argue emergency vehicles are unable to traverse the road at night, that vehicles emit pollution, and that residents are unable to walk or jog amongst other complaints.

Chancery Judge Cynthia Brewer issued an order of recusal in the matter on Nov. 14 and the case has been assigned to Chancery Judge James Walker.

According to Chancery Clerk Ronny Lott, no hearing date had been scheduled as of Wednesday. Lott said summons were issued on Nov. 7 and the parties have 30 days to respond.

The Richardson Light Show is located at 219 Sundial Road and features over 100,000 lights and hundreds of inflatables and wire-framed decorations. The light show has been running for approximately 15 years.