The special judged assigned to a nearly two-year-old election contest for District 4 Supervisor between Karl Banks and David Bishop recused himself on Thursday, according to an order of recusal filed in Madison County Circuit Court. 


Special Judge Henry Lackey stated in his motion “that unforeseen and undesired events and circumstances have arisen making it unduly burdensome and impractical for Judge Henry L. Lackey to continue to sit on this cause under prevailing circumstances.”


The order was dated Sept. 18 but not filed until Sept. 21.


On May 31, Banks, a Democrat, filed a motion asking Lackey to recuse himself from the case, citing several instances over the past few years where Lackey attended Republican events.


Lackey denied the motion to recuse himself and the matter made it all the way to the Mississippi Supreme Court, which sided with Lackey.


In February, Lackey ordered a jury trial to be held immediately. A motions hearing scheduled for Sept. 1 was cancelled. 


Banks contends that 31 votes were counted but not included in the total vote tally. Bishop contends all votes were counted and included in the final vote. 


The Mississippi Supreme Court will be tasked with appointing a replacement in the case.