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Wednesday, June 1, 2016 6:00 PM
Ever since the days of ancient Greece, philosophers have distinguished between the beautiful and the sublime. Beauty is what you experience when you look at a flower or a lovely face. It is contained, pleasurable, intimate and romantic. Sublime is what you feel when you look at a mountain range or a tornado. It involves awe, veneration, maybe even a touch of fear. A sublime thing, like space or mathematics, over-awes the natural human dimensions and reminds you that you are a small thing in a vast cosmos.
  • If only we could get to know the real Hillary Clinton.

    Unveiling the Hillary we supposedly don't know has been the perpetual, elusive goal of Clinton's handlers for decades, with the Democratic convention in Philadelphia the latest stab at it.
  • If there was one single sentence in Donald Trump’s acceptance speech last week that summed up his entire campaign, it was this: “I alone can fix it.” Trump’s ideology may be amorphous, but he firmly believes in the “big man” school of politics. Like Putin, Erdogan, or the late Hugo Chávez, Trump sees himself as Horatius at the Bridge, the only thing standing between us and the dystopian future of his nightmares.

    Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton eschews “I” in favor of the collective “we,” by which she means the government, by which she means her. Hillary’s book may famously have said, “It takes a village,” but she clearly sees herself as the chief of that village.
  • In this article we continue in our series on the Gospel of Luke by taking a look at Luke 11:5-13. Over the past few weeks we have look at how, in the Lord’s prayer, Jesus has given an outline, a pattern of prayer to His disciples to pray in response to their request, “Lord, teach us to pray,” but now He wants to urge them as to the importance of prayer. And I want to focus on three things that Jesus tells us about prayer.
  • David begins this psalm with praises to God for a great deliverance. David describes his condition as having been on the very edge of death: “O Lord, you brought me up from the grave; you spared me from going down into the pit (verse 3).” David had descended to a place he could not rescue himself from. His only hope was the Lord, and the Lord rescued him. He called to the Lord for help, and the Lord healed him (verse 2).
  • Welcome to a world without rules. (I want you to read this paragraph in your super-scary movie trailer voice.) Welcome to a world in which families are mowed down by illegal immigrants, in which cops die in the streets, in which Muslims rampage the innocents and threaten our very way of life, in which the fear of violent death lurks in every human heart.

    Sometimes in that blood-drenched world a dark knight arises. You don’t have to admire or like this knight. But you need this knight. He is your muscle and your voice in a dark, corrupt and malevolent world.
  • PERRY/Making culture at The Fair
    [Cabin 291: Neshoba County Fair] – Just 1,050 miles (as the mule stumbles) southwest of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and the 2016 Democratic National Convention, a different convention of sorts will soon be wrapping up outside Philadelphia, Mississippi. The 127th Neshoba County Fair certainly has its share of politics with judicial candidates and statewide elected officials scheduled on Wednesday and Thursday, and a planned visit by Donald Trump, Jr. on Tuesday.
  • Paul writes this letter from prison. He is chained in a dungeon awaiting a terrible death. He is being abused this way unjustly. His “crime” is being an advocate of the truth of God in Christ. Yet his main concern is to encourage Timothy to be faithful to the Lord in what he has been called to do. Paul is concerned because Timothy is facing severe trials and Timothy has a propensity to being fearful and discouraged. In these verses we find encouragement for Christians facing difficulty.
  • Does anybody else have the sense that Donald Trump is slipping off the rails? His speeches have always had a rambling, free association quality, but a couple of the recent ones have, as the Republican political consultant Mike Murphy put it, passed from the category of rant to the category of full on “drunk wedding toast.”

    Trump’s verbal style has always been distinct. He doesn’t really speak in sentences or paragraphs. His speeches are punctuated by five- or six-word jabs that are sort of strung together by connections that can only be understood through chaos theory: “They want the wall … I dominated with the evangelicals … I won in a landslide … We can’t be the stupid people anymore.”
  • In the past two weeks, the “war on police” has gone from a metaphor to a reality, with eight officers killed in targeted attacks in Dallas and Baton Rouge.

    The country hasn’t seen anything like it since the early 1970s, when a lunatic fringe of the left undertook a violent campaign against law enforcement.
  • PERRY/Governor and 1897 Fair
    The Neshoba County Fair kicks off this week continuing an annual tradition that began as the Coldwater Community Fair in 1889. The Fair runs July 22 through July 29.
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