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Wednesday, June 13, 2018 12:00 PM
A 120-day construction moratorium in Gluckstadt on liquor stores, convenience stores and storage units makes sense in what could quickly become the Wild Wild West of development.
  • MCKAY/Gluckstadt moratorium unfair
    As it stands now, Gluckstadt has seven convenience stores —  more than the city of Madison — and two more are seeking approval.
  • GETTING THE MESSAGE/Exodus 14:15-20
    The Red Sea event is one of the great events of the Old Testament. It has obvious gospel symbolism. Moses is a great Savior sent by God to lead his people out of bondage into life with God. God not only rescues and redeems his people, he destroys their enemies. Christ likewise was sent by God to redeem and save those in bondage to the guilt and power of sin. The enemies Christ destroys for his people are the devil, sin, death, and the curse of this world.
  • EDITORIAL/The new Miss America
    “A pretty girl is like a melody/ that haunts you night and day/You can’t escape, she’s in your memory/by morning, night and noon/She will leave you and then come back again/a pretty girl is just like a pretty tune.”
  • “Though New York City has one of the most segregated schools systems in the country,” writes Elizabeth Harris of The New York Times, until now, Mayor Bill de Blasio “was all but silent on the issue.”
  • DUNCAN/‘A parting of the ways’
    Turn in your Bible to Genesis 13:1-18. The lifelong quest of faith in which Abram has embarked receives yet another test in this passage. It receives a test in the challenge of dwelling with Lot and then eventually separating from him. But in contrast to that sorry spectacle of Genesis 12:10-20 where Abram's cowardice is apparent, in this passage, Abram passes his test with flying colors. I'd like you to look at four different scenes in this passage.
  • EDITORIAL/Remembering D-Day
    Allied forces 74 years ago yesterday stormed the beaches at Normandy to eventually save France, the whole of Europe and the rest of Western Civilization — nay, the world — from Hitler's tyranny. Crude technology (compared to today) played a role, but so did the hand of God and the weather.
  • LOWRY/Christian Baker 1, Bureaucrats 0
    In the closely watched Masterpiece Cakeshop case, the Supreme Court dealt a blow against the small-mindedness that so often characterizes the self-appointed minders of social justice in America.
  • BUCHANAN/It’s Trump’s GOP now
    “There is no Republican Party. There’s a Trump party,” John Boehner told a Mackinac, Michigan, gathering of the GOP faithful last week. “The Republican Party is kind of taking a nap somewhere.”
  • GETTING THE MESSAGE/Exodus 12:43-13:1-16
    Our passage this week is long, but I hope you read through all of it. There are many golden nuggets of spiritual truths contained in it. I want to look at the main theme of the passage which is the wonder of God’s redemption.
  • DUNCAN/The Call of God
    Turn in your Bible to Genesis 12:1-9. It has been well said that this passage is the center point of the promises of the covenant of grace. Everything before is leading up to it, and everything after is fulfilling it. Though the covenant of grace will be spelled out in greater detail, it is set forth in seed form right here. There is much that we could study in this passage, so let's focus on four things.
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