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Wednesday, March 13, 2019 12:00 PM
Don’t ever smoke. We are not proponents of smoking, but in many ways, smoking is healthier than fascism.
  • In all but one of the last seven presidential elections, Republicans lost the popular vote. George W. Bush and Donald Trump won only by capturing narrow majorities in the Electoral College.
  • Sometimes the defeated deserve pity, but sometimes only retaliation satisfies. The Democrats have no use for the venerable adage that “politics is the art of persuasion,” preferring the stone-cold counsel of Niccolo Machiavelli: “Politics have no relations to morals.” Determined to reach for every bad thing in their determination to recapture the White House, they set out to prove Machiavelli right
  • The same Democrats outraged by Donald Trump’s alleged offenses against the First Amendment passed, as their first priority, a speech-restricting bill opposed by the American Civil Liberties Union.
  • DUNCAN/From Jacob to Israel
    Please turn to Genesis 35:1-29. This passage speaks of God's grace towards Jacob. But it is also a passage filled with great sorrow for him. In verse 8, we learn of Deborah's death. She was the maid to Rebekah, a beloved member of the famil
  • GETTING THE MESSAGE/Colossians 1:9
    In this verse we gain insight into how the Apostle Paul prayed for Christians, the great desires he had for believers in Christ. No doubt Paul wrestled in prayer for the practical needs of Christians, but his priority was their spiritually seeking after God, because in whatever condition he is in, if a Christian grows in his knowledge and love of God, he is doing well.
  • As President Trump flew home from his Hanoi summit with Kim Jong Un, Mike Pompeo peeled off and flew to Manila. And there the Secretary of State made a startling declaration.
  • We’re going to need the cisgendered Olympics.
  • DUNCAN/The Vengeance of the Sons of Jacob
    Please turn to Genesis 34:1-31. In Genesis 33, we read that Jacob bought land from the sons of Hamor. His summons from God was to go to Bethel, but Shechem, about a day's journey short of Bethel stood attractively at the crossroads of trade.
  • GETTING THE MESSAGE/Colossians 1: 3-5
    The gospel literally means “good news.” It is the greatest thing that can happen to us, to hear it and believe it. In this passage Paul calls it “the word of truth.” This word of truth is from God, and promises salvation. It is life giving, life transforming; new life that is forever.
  • Having embraced “Medicare-for-all,” free college tuition and a Green New Deal that would mandate an early end of all oil, gas and coal-fired power plants, the Democratic Party’s lurch to the left rolls on.
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