Turn to Luke 24:13-35. Today we're going to go back to this story of Jesus’ meeting these two disciples on their way to Emmaus. This passage has for us many experiential lessons for the living of the Christian life. In particular, as we read through this passage, Jesus, through Luke, wants to draw to our attention three things. First of all, he wants to focus us on the person of the Redeemer, secondly, on the cost of the redemption, and third, on the power of the resurrection.

We see these things especially in the disciples’ response to Jesus’ question, “What things?” in verse 19. We saw last week that Jesus said to them that at the bottom of their hopelessness and loss of faith was the fact that they did not understand and believe the Scriptures. What exactly did they not understand and believe in the Scriptures?

I. Underestimating the Person of the Messiah

First, they underestimated the person of the Messiah. Look at what they say in verse 19: “Concerning Jesus of Nazareth, a Man who was a prophet mighty in deed and word before God and all the people,” and then look down to verse 21, “We had hoped that He was the one to redeem Israel.” They tell you that they believe that Jesus is a prophet of God and the Messiah. Both of those things are true, but Jesus is more than that. He is the Son of the living God. He is God in the flesh. Though they believed true things about Him, they underestimated the person of the Messiah. The Jewish people had been looking for a Messiah who would come and give them deliverance. They underestimated that God Himself would come in the flesh to deliver them! So they underestimated the person of the Messiah.

Before you pick on these disciples, realize from their reactions that they have clearly built their world around Jesus. They believe that He is a prophet of God, they believe that He is the Messiah, and their world has literally been shattered because of His crucifixion and death. Our children know more about Jesus the Messiah than these disciples did before this walk, but do we build our world around Jesus? Is every beat of our hearts and every rise and fall of our chests wrapped up in Jesus? It was for them, even though they underestimated His person. How much more should our life revolve around Jesus!

 II. Underestimating the Cost of Redemption

Secondly, they not only underestimated His person; they underestimated the cost of redemption. Notice again what they say in verse 21. “We had hoped that He was the one to redeem Israel.” Now, there again, by the way, is another testimony that this is authentic. If this had been made up by someone forty years later in the Christian era, you would not have found that focus on Israel. This is an authentic indication of what a pious Jewish believer would have hoped with regard to the Messiah. But it underestimated the cost of the redemption that God was going to undertake. They did not understand that God was going to come in the flesh and shed His own blood for the redemption of His people. The cross was not a part of their Messianic expectations. They wanted a Messiah to come; they couldn't conceive that Messiah was going to come and, in order to accomplish redemption, die on behalf of His people. And that's what God did. He sent His beloved Son into the world to die, and they underestimated the cost that God bore for the redemption of His people. Consequently, they were hopeless, and they lacked joy.

[*Begin Bold*] III. Underestimating the Power of God at Work in the Resurrection [*End Bold*]

But there's a third thing too. Not only did they underestimate His person; not only did they underestimate the cost of redemption; they underestimated the power of God at work in the resurrection. It is clear that they know that something significant is supposed to happen on the third day. Luke draws your attention to that before you even get into the conversation by saying, back in verse 13, “That very day.” This is the first day of the week, the Lord's Day. So he's already drawn attention to the fact that this is resurrection day. And then, as they’re responding to Him and telling Him all the things that have happened in Jerusalem, look at what they say in verse 21: “Yes, and besides all this, it is now the third day since these things happened.” They know something significant attaches itself to this day, but they don't expect the resurrection.

There is a very significant lesson that we need to learn from this. When we are in circumstances in our lives which tempt us to think that God has thrown us a curveball, that there is no hope, that somehow God's plan has failed, we are exactly where these disciples were. All the lights have gone out for them. When you’re in a circumstance that you did not want, or if there is a circumstance that you have longed for with all your heart and you do not have it, and you think that God has thrown you a curveball, you are right where these disciples are. They looked at these events, at the death of the prophet and Messiah that they loved, and they think, “God, You've thrown us a curveball,” not realizing the only curveball thrown has been thrown at sin and death and hell and Satan. In this very event which they see as the end of the world, God has revealed His power in using it as His stratagem to display His glory in His redemption.

And it is always like that in our own lives. When you are in the place where you are tempted to say, “This is too hard. This is not how it's supposed to be,” you are doubting the power of God in His redemption and resurrection. When you are there, He has you right where He wants you, and you have no idea of the joy that He is capable of giving you when you believe it. No rug can be pulled out from under you when your confidence is in the power of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. No circumstance can rob that from you. And the beautiful thing is, these men got it! He breaks bread, He prays, He gives them the loaf, and suddenly their eyes are opened, and they go, “It's Jesus!” and He's gone. But when they get back to see the eleven, they say, “The Lord has risen indeed!” They get it! They embrace the person of the Messiah, the cost of the redemption, and the power of the resurrection, and it changes their lives.

Believers, there may be some of you who need to know and believe that today. And if you’re an unbeliever, let me just say this, there is no sure and certain hope in life built on anything but Jesus and the power of His resurrection. If your hope is built, if your joy is dependent on anything else, it will not, it cannot last. And may God grant to all of us belief in the power of His resurrection.