That the White House opposed Cindy Hyde-Smith’s appointment to the United States Senate and that internal GOP polling leaked the same day shows her dead last is no coincidence.

White House officials this week, according to the media outlet Politico, told Bryant that President Trump did not plan to campaign for or endorse Hyde-Smith if she was appointed, saying they were worried that the former Democrat would lose.

And they ought to be worried!

GOP polling reviewed by the White House shows Hyde-Smith in third place in a prospective match-up, trailing McDaniel and a prospective Democratic candidate.

But Bryant went ahead anyway and on Wednesday, in the formal announcement, praised Hyde-Smith’s “intellect, compassion, toughness and determination to get things done.”

Losing the Senate could put America on a path to utter destruction, so who we Republicans in Mississippi elect matters profoundly like no other time since the Founding.

Why Gov. Bryant would pull another one of his stunts is beyond reason, but even worse he’s lined up the same losing campaign team that nearly cost Sen. Cochran his recent re-election.

Had it not been for people like Madison Mayor Mary Hawkins-Butler and every other Republican who is anybody in Madison County, along with countless others, getting out the morning after with a real ground game, Chris McDaniel would be in the Senate and we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

So, it’s astounding that on such an important appointment so vital to the future of our Republic, Bryant would be so head-strong for Hyde-Smith.

We’re glad Hyde-Smith is redeemed, but a 2008 Obama vote is radioactive baggage. McDaniel would beat her, the polls show. Democrat Espy could beat them both.

What a legacy for Gov. Bryant if Hyde-Smith loses — presuming she runs. Maybe there is some grand plan?

In the absence of one, we have one:

Calling all willing and qualified candidates! The GOP needs you. Mississippi needs you! American needs you in November! Our Republic hangs in the balance.

According to Politico, during a phone call Tuesday, administration officials told Bryant that Hyde-Smith’s past history as a Democrat would hobble her in the special election. Hyde-Smith switched parties in 2010 while serving in the state Senate.

The conversation, according to Politico, was described by two White House aides with direct knowledge of the call.

The message underscored the profound misgivings the administration and senior Republicans have about the Hyde-Smith pick, Politico said.

Republicans are deeply concerned that Chris McDaniel, an anti-establishment conservative state senator who is running for the seat, will use Hyde-Smith’s past party affiliation against her in the race.

Playing right into that, former Mississipi Democrat Party Chairman Rickey L. Cole, in a Tweet this week, congratulated Hyde-Smith, saying, “I know she will do her best to bring home the bacon for Mississippi.”

In recent days, according to Politico, the White House and other senior Republicans reviewed polling conducted by the National Republican Senatorial Committee showing Hyde-Smith in third place in a prospective match-up, trailing McDaniel and a prospective Democratic candidate like Espy.

Statistically speaking, Hyde-Smith is a flop. Let’s hope that will change.