The only conceivable upshot of Mike Espy being back as attorney for the Board of Supervisors is that he ought to have enough “green” connections to get this third landfill killed before Tuesday’s MDEQ vote.

But we’re not holding our breath he’ll raise a finger to do anything Gerald Steen and the Gang of Three haven’t ordered — and Steen has already signaled he’s caved in to the landfill developers pushing a false narrative that a previous board’s promise is binding.

The narrative goes that Madison County supervisors are bound by a promise made by a previous board not to oppose any future landfill expansion. That’s it, a “promise,” not an ordinance, not a rezoning, but a “promise.”

We still shudder to think the county of Madison is bound by a promise Karl Banks made 20 years ago. He did get beat four years ago and voters ought to consider why he was so determined to get back.

As we’ve said before, this third dump would be a case worth losing on principle to test the constitutionality of Karl’s 20-year-old “promise.”

And since Karl is back, perhaps he can shed some light on that promise and why garbage is so important to him.


An attorney for the proposed third landfill last month declared that taxpayers are “partners” by way of a host fee agreement and the “promise.”

Taxpayers are “partners’?in a dump over a “promise” a previous board made decades ago?

We’re not lawyers, but we’re pretty certain that’s a weak argument than can be beat.

A coalition of over 2,000 concerned citizens is organized against the dump and that alone should get the attention of any elected official, even one worried about his legacy in light of prison riots and killings.

The taxpayers of Madison County need our elected officials to step up, do the right thing and stop this dump.

Garbage is going to hang over Gerald Steen’s head forever as the Republican swing vote to employ Espy again as Espy seeks to unseat U.S. Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith in an election he can’t possibly win.

Republicans could act like Democrats even in Madison County in the past and get away with it, but times have changed. Information travels a lot faster and the country is more sensitized to Democrat manipulation and deceit in an era of never-Trumpers.

The people are never, never going to forget how this landfill vote goes.