The Washington Times said in an editorial on Jan. 30:

If the waves of illegal immigrants wading the Rio Grande to get into the United States were likely to be Republican voters, as a wide-awake wise man observes, Chuck Schumer would be on the border now, laying bricks, and scolding Nancy Pelosi, his apprentice hod-carrier, to keep the mortar coming for President Trump’s “big, beautiful” wall.

But Lindsay Graham’s fevered fantasies notwithstanding, most of the illegals aren’t likely to be Republicans, and the relentless Democratic scorn for border security is on full display, rejecting President Trump’s generous and expanded offer of honorable compromise to protect the “Dreamers.”

The proposal offers the Democrats much more than they have been asking for, not just the legalization of 700,000 young people brought here by their illegal-immigrant parents, but a path to citizenship and voting rights, and more than doubling to 1.8 million the number of others who could benefit from salvaging the Obama executive order extending amnesty to the Dreamers, which the ex-president conceded was unconstitutional.

Mr. Trump clearly does not want to send the Dreamers back to where they came from. No one can realistically envision the logistics of deporting 700,000 young people who have never known any home but America, though the president has been called “Amnesty Don” by border hawks with unrealistic ideas on how to solve an immigration mess largely created by the Democrats.

Logically, and realistically, the Democrats and their allies, who dream of an America without borders, should have leapt at the offer. But logic and realism have no place in the immigration debate. A spokesman for Mrs. Pelosi, whose designer dresses were not (truth to tell) designed for hod-carrying duties, calls Mr. Trump’s offer a “ransom” in pursuit of an “anti-immigrant wish list.”

Big spending Democrats, who never met a taxpayer dollar they thought worth saving, have suddenly become budget hawks eager to pinch pennies on securing the nation’s borders. Sen. Dick Durbin, the No. 2 Democrat in the Senate where he is regarded by his own party colleagues as a man with a loose mouth, says Mr. Trump wants to waste billions on “an ineffective wall.” (If it’s a “more effective” wall he wants, he has never before said so.)