Tuesday's Republican run-off election between Gregg Harper and Charlie Ross in the Third District will more than likely give the victor a straight ticket to Washington.

The race between Harper and Ross is expected to be a horse race.

Either man would represent the district well. Ross has paid his dues in the halls of the state capitol as an experienced and knowledgeable legislator. He knows the mechanics of lawmaking.

Harper has paid his dues in the trenches of the Rankin County Republican Party and has developed a loyal grass roots following traversing the district in a bus once owned by Garth Brooks, which, frankly, has been one of the more interesting aspects of an otherwise dull campaign.

Ross could have no finer endorsement than Aaron Rice, the boyish Iraq war veteran who lost his left leg below the knee in a land mine attack in 2005. What a great American!

But a few key factors stand out about Harper which make him the most logical choice in this otherwise flip-of-the-coin race.

Harper is a fiscal conservative who wants to put an end to the wasteful Washington spending. He believes in a financially strong America.

He has been an advocate of the Second Amendment and is quick to tell you he is a lifelong member of the NRA.

Harper has also spoken out against illegal immigration, as did most every other Republican candidate.

He is a strong advocate of public schools, educating his own children in them.

Harper is personable and we believe will be more accessible, but he'll need to surround himself with good people knowledgeable about important issues like transportation, education and economic development.

Vote Gregg Harper for Congress on Tuesday.