Madison County supervisors are blaming a former Planning & Zoning administrator for approving less stringent and less expensive plans than the design plans they approved for  Capitol Body Shop under construction in Gluckstadt.

The situation highlights the issue of government placing more costly burdens on business but the necessity of zoning laws.

Bobbie Richardson, a building permit clerk, told supervisors on Monday that former P&Z Director Carl Allen stamped the altered plans and told her to issue a permit.

Allen was fired in January by supervisors, but this issue was not cited as reason for his termination.

“It was issued at the direction of my boss at the time, Carl Allen,” she said.

Capitol Body Shop is set to open this spring, but the building is smaller and has different exterior finishes than what initial plans depicted.

It’s unfortunate a business would have to be drawn into a public debate over something a fired bureaucrat apparently did.

It says something about supervisors David Bishop and Gerald Steen’s shenanigans when they had Paul Griffin in their pocket and the votes to appoint Allen.

Zoning integrity matters and this is the kind of misstep that shouldn’t happen again.

Supervisors correctly and unanimously approved the amended plans for Capitol Body Shop and issued a certificate of occupancy.