Due to a federal lawsuit involving sanctuary cities, the U.S. Department of Justice has halted its federal funding of Madison County’s juvenile drug court program, but the supervisors have come to the rescue.

Madison County supervisors voted unanimously last week to fund the county juvenile drug court for $10,000 a month through July after the federal funding was halted earlier this year.

“We’ve got kids in Madison County with drug problems who need us,” said Youth Court Judge Staci O’Neal. “I need the board to give us a Band-Aid.”

Elsewhere on this page we speak of guns and schools and mental health. The juvenile drug court is a part of the solution. Not funding juvenile drug court could be a death sentence in more ways than one if youths don’t receive help.

Supervisors asked O’Neal if the county could be paid back once the federal funds are released. She said she didn’t know but would try to make that happen.

“If we can get paid back we’d definitely like that money back,” District 5 Supervisor Paul Griffin said after making a motion to fund the juvenile drug court.

At such a critical time, why would the feds be holding back these funds?