Madison County Board of Supervisors President Tim Johnson, in threatening to sue the state Department of Transportation over the failed $37 million Reunion interchange the county was going to build for the federal government, may actually be off his rocker.

Nearly 300 people showed up on Tuesday at a regular meeting of the Board of Supervisors to protest "wasteful and misdirected spending" of county tax dollars.

The unrest primarily is over the failed Reunion interchange and the reallocation of $21 million in roadwork to largely unpopulated areas of the county.

Supervisors have spent $4.7 million on Reunion so far and some county officials think they have cause for breach of contract with MDOT to recover those funds. Most of the money went to County Engineer Rudy Warnock. Why don't they ask Warnock for the money back?

In perhaps the most irrational, idiotic, populist-like statement ever uttered in Madison County, Johnson told the angry throng: "We will get our money back from MDOT. We will get it back and use it on additional roads. MDOT killed the project and we're working toward that goal as we speak."

Supervisors declared the interchange project dead earlier this month after they rejected a memorandum of understanding from MDOT that gave the agency control over construction and inspection.


Tim Johnson should resign.