Kim Duease has loved art her entire life and it shows in her Madison shop.
Kim Duease has loved art her entire life and it shows in her Madison shop.
At first glance of the interior of Kim Duease Designs, one might not picture the building as the jailhouse it once was many years ago. Instead, any customer entering the Main Street shop is met with bright, radiant colors from all corners. This is just how Kim Duease, the shop’s sole owner and artist, intended.

Kim Duease grew up in Clarksdale, and graduated from Delta State University with a major in business. She first believed she wanted to be a lawyer like her father but later realized art was her passion. Her love for art and fashion has been with her since she was a young girl.

“I was just born with the desire and gift to do it,” Duease said. “ I don’t remember a day when I didn’t have that creative bug.”

Duease first started her textile-making and interior design from a private studio in her home and continued for many years. Then in October 2016, she moved her business to Madison’s Main St. The building has a lot of great history and great memories, she says, and she is trying to create some great memories as well..

Kim Duease Designs seeks to be the one-stop shop for those looking for home decor, fashion, gifts, and more. Most of the items have a unique print designed by Duease. She conceptualizes the designs and hand-renders every product.  Most of her designs are printed onto fabric, but she also offers products like table linen, coffee mugs, and drapes.

The fabric holds a special place in her heart, however. With almost 400 different prints in the textile collection, each design is named after some aspect of Duease’s hometown.  As the collection expanded, the names crept down the Mississippi River and into New Orleans.

“The whole collection is a story…. I grew up in the Mississippi Delta which is rich in history and home of the blues and the land of plenty and want,” Duease said. “So every pattern has a name, and it’s named after a memory, a person, a place, an adventure or something that took place in my life.”

There is something for everyone at Kim Duease Designs no matter the budget. She has had the opportunity to sell her items wholesale, but the price structure would be higher for the average retail customers, Duease said. With more affordable prices, it is easier to share and spread the love of art and fashion. When people come into her store, Duease hopes they will feel more enlightened and enchanted.

“My most favorite blessing is to see someone come in and they didn’t have a smile on their face and they leave with a smile on their face. That brings me great joy,” Duease said. “... Find your color at KDD.”

Kim Duease Designs is located in Madison and is open Tuesday-Saturday from 10 a.m.-5 p.m.. For more information on products and services, contact