MADISON - Tulane University's Madison Campus is now offering a special series of Friday summer workshops. The workshops will cover a variety of topics, and a Tulane professor will lead each professional session. The workshops will meet on Fridays from 10:30 AM to 1:30 PM, and the only cost is a $10 registration fee per session.

The next workshop will take place on July 18 and is called "Website Development." The workshop's instructor is Professor Beth Wynn, and it will cover material such as web design, web development tools and basic web development language.

On July 25, Professor Virginia Earnest, Ph.D., will head a workshop titled "Writing your Personal Memoir II" which is a continuation from the "Personal Memoir Part I" workshop. This workshop will teach participants about the nature of a memoir and what they should include and exclude.

The final summer workshop is "Achieving Calm in the Midst of Chaos" which Professor Chris Webb will lead on August 1. This workshop will discuss how stressors affect people both psychologically and physiologically, and it will teach participants various techniques to handle immediate stress including deep breathing and visualization exercises, positive affirmations and time management practices.

Anyone interested on attending a workshop should contact Tulane's Madison Campus located at 2115 Main Street, Madison, MS 39110, call (601) 605-0007 or visit the school's website at