Madison County supervisors adopted an ordinance Monday creating the Town of Livingston Leisure and Recreation District which paves the way for patrons to walk around the grounds with “go cups” of alcohol. 

Bowen Eason, owner of Livingston Mercantile, asked supervisors to consider adopting the ordinance earlier this month, saying soon it would be time for the annual Livingston Farmer’s Market and allowing patrons to walk around with go-cups would be a boon for the development. 

In 2016, the Mississippi Legislature passed legislation that would allow certain areas in the state to create leisure and recreation districts. Inside these districts, patrons are allowed to walk around with go-cups of alcohol. 

On Monday, supervisors adopted the ordinance after conferring with Sheriff Randy Tucker, who gave his official nod of approval. 

Businesses that have alcohol beverage permits from the Mississippi Department of Revenue will be able to sell alcoholic beverages to patrons and those patrons will be able to walk around the grounds of the district. 

The district itself comprises 47 acres and includes the current development, Farmer’s Market and concert grounds, and future planned developments. 

According to the ordinance, patrons may not enter a licensed premises with an alcoholic beverage, even if they purchased the drink from the establishment. 

Businesses that sell alcohol can only put the drinks in paper or plastic cups, not to exceed 16 ounces, and no cans or bottles are allowed.

Patrons will not be able to leave an establishment with more than one drink. 

The ordinance was approved unanimously has been sent to the Mississippi Department of Revenue. Once approved, the ordinance will be in effect immediately.