Other than missing the first bond payment in state history, State Treasurer Lynn Fitch mostly coasted through office neither hot nor cold, neither meek nor bold.

Fitch had one job — one job — and she failed to make a loan payment and now wants a promotion to Attorney General.

The liberal Democrats and trial lawyers have been pouring money into her campaign hoping to have a similar pay-to-play relationship with her that they currently enjoy with Jim Hood. 

The biggest trial lawyer in Jackson and Democrat nominee against Haley Barbour in 2007 John Arthur Eaves is a big Fitch supporter and is shown in a picture Fitch tweeted from her Aug. 6 watch party. So, there you go!

Even though her last campaign finance report was filed late, it shows that about 40 percent of what she raised came from trial lawyers with 70 percent of them from out of state.

First Mike Moore, then umpteen years of Jim Hood. Mississippi has had enough.

Andy Taggart actually has the experience to be Mississippi’s next Attorney General.

Taggart is a practicing attorney with courtroom experience. 

When Mississippi’s conservative leaders need a top legal mind — think the late Kirk Fordice, Haley Barbour and Phil Bryant — they call Taggart.

In the war on drugs, Taggart knows the difference between victims and perpetrators and will treat them that way. 

Taggart always sides with the Constitution. 

Taggart is a Reagan Republican. He ran the youth effort for Ronald Reagan in Mississippi in 1980. 

When Democrats like former Attorney General Mike Moore fought Republican Gov. Kirk Fordice, Taggart’s brilliant legal mind was the tip of the spear for the first Republican governor since Reconstruction.

A young Taggart served ably as Fordice’s chief of staff. He’s not fake.

When Democrats like Jim Hood fought then-Republican Auditor Phil Bryant, Taggart led the legal charge. 

Taggart knows his way around a courtroom. He is bold and aggressive in defense of liberty. And he isn’t looking for the next political job like Fitch always the opportunist.

Fitch had a lackluster two terms as State Treasurer. Let’s elect an attorney actually capable of getting things done. Mississippi needs bold, new, honest leadership, integrity and competence in the AG’s office.

On Aug. 27, vote Andy Taggart Mississippi Attorney General.