EDITORIAL/Thank you, Dolly!

EDITORIAL/Thank you, Dolly!


“We got a very special thing here.”

Those are the words of restaurateur Porter Frazier on this weekend’s Dolly Parton fundraiser performance to benefit Marty Stuart’s Congress of County Music at the Ellis Theater in downtown Philadelphia, Mississippi.

His Porterhouse Party opens for Dolly featuring great food, live entertainment and a hope that out-of-town patrons will come back to visit us again.

This weekend should indeed be special for Philadelphia as country music fans and Marty’s friends from all over come to see Dolly Parton perform two shows at the Ellis on Saturday as part of the fundraiser for Marty Stuart’s Congress of Country Music.

With tickets going for $3,751.00 Tuesday morning it will certainly be a generous crowd inside. Many are hoping just to catch a glance of Dolly on the big screen outside.

With the magnitude of people likely reaching new heights downtown, The Porterhouse will be hosting a party Saturday night at their 513 Main Street venue, according to Frazier.

Leading up to the party, they will also begin serving lunch during the week on Main Street, starting on Wednesday and running through Saturday, a welcome addition to downtown since the Coffee Bean across from Steve’s was the best place to grab a sandwich with a friend.

“I’m going to do everything in my power to provide an experience where people want to come back and visit our community again, “ Frazier said. “We have so much to offer. And Frazier is right!

“The Porterhouse provides a unique uptown experience with great food, live local entertainment, and a comfortable atmosphere that celebrates Philadelphia.”

With the new Leisure and Recreation District status approved by the Mayor and Board of Alderman, patrons of one establishment are now able to take an alcoholic drink in a to-go cup with them as long as they stay within the confines of the downtown district.

 This could be a good thing for the festival scene downtown like it is in. Oxford an other cities.

“There’s a lot of things happening with this event that have never happened in Philadelphia before. There will be a number of people walking around downtown, enjoying a show in a safe environment that other communities can’t offer. We got a very special thing here,” Frazier said.

There is a lot of excitement about the Congress of County Music and what the future holds

Porter House will have a buffet featuring Gulf Coast seafood, and an energetic band to get the party rocking. 

Britt Gully and the Water Moccasins are set to perform a combo of homemade music and outlaw country. 

The crowd can expect a low-budget, high-impact show from the band on Saturday night, it has been said. 

“That guy is amazing and a real treasure. We are so fortunate to have him. I’m pumped up about having this party and showcasing some great local musicians,” Frazier said.

Gully’s specialty is rockabilly, gospel, and honky-tonk-twang as he grew up listening to Jimmie, Hank, and Waylon, Frazier said.

While Gully’s band is planning on getting in there and hitting a big lick, the really big show is Dolly at the Ellis and we should all be thankful she is giving her time to support Marty, our community and our state.

— The Neshoba Democrat

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