Horecky family to compete on Family Feud show

Horecky family to compete on Family Feud show


A dentist, his wife, and their three daughters will compete Friday night on the nationally televised game show Family Feud.

Kala Horecky said she was excited to see her family on television.

“It is exciting,” Horecky said. “This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for someone who doesn’t do TV.”

She is married to John Horecky of the Gluckstadt Dental Clinic. The couple will compete on Family Feud, aired locally on WJTV at 6:30 p.m., with their three daughters: Katilyn Billingsley, Clara Ward Newton and Helen Anne Horecky.

This is the culmination of a several-year-long journey that began about four years ago.

“I remember it was COVID so we were all at the house talking and I just remember saying being on Family Feud was kind of a bucket list item for me,” Kala said.

Before she knew, it Helen Anne — the performer of the family — was filling out a form to get their family on the show. Fast forward to about a year ago and they are arriving in Atlanta to film.

“In addition to our taping, we got to be in the audience for another taping,” Kala said. “It was so entertaining. Like being at a comedy show.”

Kala said part of that high energy is directly related to show host Steve Harvey.

“He is hilarious,” Kala said. “He was great. He was so friendly and nice.”

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