Injunction granted to stop ‘Freak Fest’

Injunction granted to stop ‘Freak Fest’


The Madison County Board of Supervisors successfully received a temporary restraining order to stop a party this weekend dubbed “Freak Fest” off Highway 16 that was advertised to contain stripper poles, a twerk contest and waterslides. 

The property, known as Penquite Park, is located at 965 Highway 16 west, and was being rented out for a July 3 party. The property is owned by Earnest and Earnestine Penquite. 

Supervisors claim the property, partially zoned for agricultural, residential and commercial operations, required a conditional use permit that was not received. 

“No such use of the subject property has been applied for, or approved,” the county’s temporary restraining order filed in Chancery Court states. “Accordingly, such use, and the event, are prohibited.”

The event was being promoted on social media by multiple outfits including DJ Kre8ta Music Rotation and M.G.N Entertainment as a giant pool party and adult show with bottle service and free drinks. The social media ads stated there would be five outdoor dance platforms and a main stage with $1 bills available. 

Madison County Sheriff Randy Tucker filed an affidavit stating his office had received numerous complaints about the event and said it was a public health safety risk.

“Based on my personal experience in law enforcement, and as Sheriff of Madison County, this event would seriously impede the ability of law enforcement, and other first responders, to respond to calls for service on the subject property, and/or nearby properties,” he wrote. 

Chancellor Cynthia Brewer agreed with the county’s argument and granted a temporary restraining order last Friday, ordering the Penquites and promoters of the event to immediately cease advertising and promoting in addition to holding the event. 

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