Lake Caroline C-store plans withdrawn

Lake Caroline C-store plans withdrawn


The developer behind a controversial convenience store near Lake Caroline has withdrawn plans to allow the county to determine the zoning classification on the property. 

Mark Jordan with Lake Caroline, Inc., the developer of Lake Caroline, wrote a letter to residents and called for an informational meeting on May 13 to talk about a future vision. 

Dubbed the Stribling Market, the convenience store planned at the corner of Stribling Road and Caroline Boulevard drew ire from residents and spawned numerous discussions in front of the Board of Supervisors. 

“The Stribling Market submission followed the County's historic approval processes for development in Lake Caroline,” Jordan’s letter said. “LCI's understanding was that there is no need to determine the zoning classification because of the overall PUD classification. A PUD is a zoning concept for a ‘planned unit development’ that allows a developer flexibility for both residential and commercial uses. However, in an effort to permit the County time to work through some of the issues and questions raised, LCI has withdrawn the pending Stribling Market submission.”

Jordan, in his letter, discussed the intent for there to be commercial development at Lake Caroline as the property was developed and the market necessitated. 

“The master development plan for Lake Caroline has always included a commercial component in addition to residential, recreational and common areas,” he wrote. “This combination of land uses is reflected on the 2008 Master Plan and is a key component of Lake Caroline. Lake Caroline has a much longer history than most recognize. LCI was formed more than 35 years ago as the original developer and has been the sole developer of over 3,000 acres in the Lake Caroline PUD. LCI has been careful, consistent and patient with Lake Caroline's development.”

Jordan goes on to explain that the vision and plan for Lake Caroline has never changed, saying when the area could support a full-time restaurant, that’s when The Mermaid Cafe was brought in. 

“As everyone knows, development in the surrounding area has exploded in recent years,” his letter continued. “Lake Caroline currently has over 2,200 homes with more under construction. With this growth comes a demand for convenient commercial development, and LCI desires to meet that demand by thoughtfully developing the Subject Property to provide additional amenities and uses primarily benefiting the residents of Lake Caroline, but also surrounding neighborhoods.”

Jordan could not be reached for comment for this story, but county planning and zoning officials confirmed the authenticity of the letter and the withdrawal of the Stribling Market plans. 

An informational meeting has been scheduled for 6:30 p.m. on Monday, May 13, at The Mermaid Cafe, according to Jordan’s letter. 

“LCI representatives will share an update on development in Lake Caroline and a vision for commercial uses in portions of the Subject Property,” he writes. “Much of the information may be general concepts and ideas because, beyond Stribling Market, general concepts and ideas are all that currently exist. LCI has not committed to any particular development or use for any portion of the Subject Property nor the timing of any development. Lake Caroline is and will continue to be a very special place. We know that is why you chose to live here. LCI has been here since the beginning, and we share everyone's commitment to Lake Caroline now and in the future.”

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