Madison compiling utility complaints

Madison compiling utility complaints


MADISON—The city is compiling complaints from homeowners about utility companies that leave their properties in subpar conditions after work is finished. 

Matt Smith, spokesperson for the city of Madison, said that over the years, they have received many complaints from homeowners that their yards were “trashed” after utility companies came in to lay fiber lines or do other work. 

Utility companies are given an easement to work on city right-of-way, but Smith said those right-of-ways still sit on private property. 

“They have a right to be there, but they don’t have a right to leave it in a worse condition than before they show up,” Smith said. “They’re supposed to return your property back to its original state at a bare minimum.”

The city created an online portal where residents can submit complaints, regardless of when it occurred. 

Smith said if work was done years ago and the property was not repaired, they want those complaints on file, too. 

Since launching the online portal earlier this month, the city has already received dozens of complaints from all over the city. 

“It’s not just one utility company,” Smith said. 

Smith said that the city plans to take these complaints to the utility companies and ensure they are held accountable when future utility work is done. 

Residents who would like to submit a complaint for damage that has not been repaired can visit

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