Magnola District plan questioned in Gluckstadt

Magnola District plan questioned in Gluckstadt


GLUCKSTADT — A site plan for the Magnolia District approved in December was questioned during a special Wednesday meeting.

According to a memorandum from Planning and Zoning Administrator William Hall, the issue discussed at the meeting involved the December 12, 2023, site plan approval for the Magnolia District.

A stipulation from the Planning and Zoning Committee said a restaurant in the development needed a parapet to screen rooftop equipment from public view.

Hall’s memo states that though the issue was approved unanimously by the board, the architect did not submit updated renderings. 

City Clerk Lindsay Kellum said a motion from Alderman Jace Powell failed for lack of a second to approve the plan without the parapet at Wednesday’s meeting. She said no further action was taken and the December decision from the board was upheld.

The Magnolia District is located at Church Road and Old Jackson Road. An initial site plan was approved in May of 2022. Updates since then have said the development will include several uses including retail, a restaurant and office warehousing as well as outdoor activity spaces that will include five tennis and pickleball courts.

The special meeting was held on Wednesday, April 24, at 11 a.m. in the board room at City Hall located at 343 Distribution Drive in Gluckstadt.

A consent agenda for the meeting included approval for city employees to attend the S.T.O.R.M. 2024 Spring Conference in Biloxi in May for five days and a claims docket.

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