Quinn turning 104

Quinn turning 104


Helen Maxine Quinn will be 104 years old on April 30. 

Quinn passes the time with friends and family and keeps up with the news. And she loves seeing stories about fellow centenarians.

Part of her daily routine, which the family said follows a fairly strict schedule, includes coffee in the afternoons with friends and family. She also loves homemade pound cake.

One of her favorite sayings is, “Idle hands are the devil’s workshop.”

Originally from Sturgis, Quinn has lived in Gluckstadt for about 30 years where she lives next door to her only son, Frank Quinn Jr.

He married Nancy Williamson, and they have two children. Daniel Quinn and Carol Ann Lindsey Stewart of Madison. Carol Ann has given Mrs. Helen five great-grandchildren. 

They include Quinn Lindsey, who is the oldest at 22 years old. He is a pilot in the Aviation Program at Delta State University. He is set to graduate on May 10, with his Bachelor’s in Flight Operations. 

The second oldest is Jordan Lindsey, 20, who also attends Delta State working toward his bachelor's degree in Business Administration. 

Jacob, 18, and Tyler Lindsey, 16, both live in Madison with their mother. 

The youngest is Caitlyn Stewart, who is described as “a rambunctious child that favors her great-grandmother very much.”

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